Thursday, 6 July 2017

Show Not tell.

WALT use Alliteration and Similes in our writing. We have been learning to put Alliteration and Similes in our writing to make is more interesting. Challenging to put a doc on the blog. Enjoyed Finding something to describe in my writing. Show not tell I heard the bird Tweeting like a trumpet. I saw the bird flapping his wings as fast as lightning. Head thinking if I don’t catch this delicious bird I will be furious, Infuriated and irritated. Will I catch this delicious, delightful and delectable bird? Or will I lose him? The End

My Term 2 Reflection.

WALT Write a reflection about this term and post it to our blog.
This term I am proud of my writing because I am completing all my writing goals and writing neater.
I found it challenging this term to complete some difficult Maths goals.  I  think that River crossing at camp was also challenging because the river was really strong and cold.
I Enjoyed Reading about Matariki and writing a letter to the Priminester.
I thought it was very easy to create a emoji.
It was fun was when we got to choose all the stickers on emoji maker.